Powering rural Homes and Businesses with Solar Energy


Our innovative approach

Our enterprise model is a "double sided coin" business model that combines two key elements where one provides energy and the other provides credit to end users, allowing them to access solar power systems through Women and Youth Support groups.

1. Provision of standalone solar power systems to clients in scattered remote communities in Uganda. Our enterprise has established a local workstation where we procure solar materials from reputable companies, customize and assemble them to suit the needs of rural communities. We also establish and build the capacity of community enabled distribution networks of Women and Youths entrepreneurs who act as our key agents in the communities.


2. Provision of credit to end users enabling them to access solar power systems. This enables rural farmers to purchase small systems at a tune of USD 40 and be able to pay back in equal installments within 3-6 months through women and youth support groups.

One of our Women Clients empowered with business skills and capital to start and grow their businesses


SMALL LOANS FOR FARMERS: Matunda is a Swahili word meaning fruits!

Our enterprise established a seed fund for Mt. Elgon People…helping them to help themselves.

Women and Men come in to borrow money to initiate new projects or expand on existing ones, and they pay back their loans at an interest rate of 2.5%. The interest charged takes care of administrative work and inflation.

This provision has motivated Women and Men to use their time, space, skills and knowledge, and local resources to go out and work in order to earn a living, rather than leaning on risk business to earn a living. The groups also provide a platform for People to discuss issues that affect them and work out localized solutions and encourage one another to take action.
Before a loan is given, Participants attend two-days of training. Then they have to develop a business plan and a commitment plan detailing how they will pay back the loan. The size of the loan ranges from $130 to $ 150, and the repayment period is 3 to 6 months.
This program targets people in rural areas who have no access to external sources of funding and are willing and able to initiate and sustain local projects. 74,522 people have benefited from this project since 2011.The project is growing and has been very successful with 98% repayment.


Farmers are also trained on good farming practices and post harvest management




Our Enterprise has a strong proven track record in the delivery of small scale infrastructure projects and initiatives that are essential to the development of our communities.




2012 – 2013

  • Constructed 10 DAP funded wells to provide safe water for over 50,000 people


This was a one year project supported by AUDAid through DAP program

2007 – 2016

  • Established and ran 10 ‘Youth Clubs’ and support groups across 5 communities


This project was supported by REPSSI and Dulwich Center Foundation and funding ended in 2016.

2005 – 2016

  • Mobilized communities to construct 64 houses for poor households in Manafwa district


This project was supported by USAID and MTN Uganda from 2008-2013. Its funding ended


  • Trained UN green Jobs Communities in Zambia on manufacturing high quality Solar Panels.


This project was funded by International Labor Organization Zambia


  • 90 domestic Biogas plants were constructed in the districts of Manafwa, Mbale and Bududa

This project was funded by Heifa International and its funding ended.

2009 – 2015

  • Constructed children’s library at Bumbo Primary school


This project was funded by Black wall church and Janelle Dickson.

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